Graphic Design



Azalea Afendi

Shine with Shotaro

Bulan is a hypothetical ice cream brand that I created for my Entrepreneurship class, as a part of our semester long project of creating a product and brand.

Inspired by kuih (traditional Malaysian desserts), Bulan offers coconut milk based ice cream with South East Asian flavours. With a gap in the market for Malaysian representation in NYC, Bulan aims to share Malaysian heritage and culture through its ice cream and branding.

Bulan (-moon in Bahasa Melayu), signifies the bright and shining smiles that you can get from eating our ice cream. The cresent logo resembles freshly scooped ice cream, iressistable and delicious!

Although hypothetical, Bulan’s MVP would be to produce three different flavours of ice cream, two pints: Onde Onde, Seri Muka, and, one ice cream sandwich: Kuih Tart.