Graphic Design



Azalea Afendi

Azalea Afendi (a.k.a Rhododendrawn) is a communications designer based in Brooklyn, NY. 
From illustrating children’s picture books and album covers to designing brand identities and products, her interdisciplinary practice focuses on shaping ideas with narratives (even if it’s with cake!). Rather than having a specific style, Azalea focuses on developing an art direction for each project, that caters towards its needs and intentions.

As the President of PISA (Pratt International Students Association) and a student worker at Pratt’s OIA (Office of International Affairs), Azalea helps to organize lots of cultural events on campus to help engage international students and the Pratt community. Additionally, she does graphic design and illustration to promote PISA and the OIA, online and offline, through posters, stickers and buttons.


As always, stay crispy!