Graphic Design



Azalea Afendi


My name is Azalea (pronounced uh-zah-lee-ah) and I am a Communications Designer, currently studying at Pratt Institute. I primarily work with digital illustrations but still like to have fun with gouache from time to time.

Although I have a focus in illustration, I like to explore and engage in graphic design, UI/UX design and, animation, as well. Working interdisciplinarily is my favourite part of the creative process! (I even like to work with cake!) If I’m creating work that is true to its narrative, it will always be a blast.

As the President of PISA (Pratt International Students Association) and a student worker at Pratt’s OIA (Office of International Affairs), I help to organize lots of cultural events on campus to help engage international students and the Pratt community. Apart from organizing cultural events, I also do a lot of graphic work and illustration to promote PISA and the OIA, online and offline, through posters, stickers and buttons.


As always, stay crispy!