Graphic Design



Azalea Afendi

Fantasy Disco
As part of a collaborative animation project with the theme, “Fantasy Disco”, in my Dynamic Imagery class, I created the opening ticket sequence (0:00-0:12) and an animation of an eastern dragon in the fantasy disco (1:21-1:36). Our Fantasy Disco consisted of five different levels/environments and I worked within the sky environment.

For this project, it was important to communicate and work together with my classmates, especially those who were creating animations before and after mine, because we wanted the entire animation to flow as smoothly as possible. I partnered with my classmates to create smooth transitions such as a hyperspace jump or an elevator door closing with fire. Additionally, I had to consider the timing of the background music (September by Earth, Wind and Fire) when animating the flow of the ticket and the eastern dragon dancing. Although it was a challenge, this project widened my view of collaboration in animation and design.