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Azalea Afendi

Let’s Make Laksa

Inspired by my experiences of celebrating Eid Al-Fitr in Malaysia, my senior thesis, Let’s Make Laksa, is a 40 page self-ended picture book dummy that celebrate the joys of cooking with your family, as a nostalgic activity and labor of love. This book is an homage to my grandmother who has worked hard to provide food for my entire family every Eid, despite how tedious cooking may be. Through this book, I would like to inspire and encourage kids to cook with their loved ones and most importantly, have fun!

Hari Raya is almost here, and Aisyah just can’t wait to help Nenek cook her delicious Laksa Johor! With so many things to do in the kitchen, cooking may not be as fun as it looks...until Aisyah realizes that there is more to the dish than it seems.

Full dummy available upon request.

Character Designs

Physical Book Dummy