Graphic Design



Azalea Afendi

Notes on Notes

Notes on Notes was a book that I created for my Viscom 1 class as an attempt to critique the notes app as a platform and question its uses in everyday life. Inspired by the celebrity notes app apology phenomenom, I wanted to do a deep dive on possibly the most private yet now public app in the world. Ranging from grocery lists to dream recounts, I collected about 200+ notes from friends, family, myself and acquaintances from Instagram, curating around 110 to make this book. I organised the notes I received into different categories, however, with the nature of this app, one may find that some notes may fit multiple categories.

This exploration of the notes app and its uses amongst people of different ages, nationalities and backgrounds reflects its convenience and importance in our daily lives. As we have become a more technology-reliant society, taking notes on the go with our phones instead of an extra notebook that we could carry around has become the norm. Taking this into account, Notes on Notes brings our personal thoughts into a more tangible form, one that doesn’t live in the cloud or your phone’s storage.

The full pdf version can be found here.