Graphic Design



Azalea Afendi

Pratt Mail Center Mascot

Part of a one-week group project, I designed a cat mascot named Chester, for Pratt’s Mail Center. We were tasked with doing a mini brand audit on a building or service at Pratt Institute for our Branding and Messaging class and my group chose Pratt’s Mail Center. After doing the audit, our group wanted to make recommendations to the mail center by completely rebranding it so that its brand personality would align with its improved mission statement and values of communication and being the community’s mail hub. I designed Chester to be used in emails sent out to students when they have to collect mail to attract students. Since students sometimes forget to pick up their mail, I designed an alternate red version of Chester which could be used in a passive-aggressive collection reminder email to enforce them to collect it quicker.

Collection Email Mockup (by team member Andi Kausch)                                                                                Reminder Email Mockup (by team member Andi Kausch)