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Azalea Afendi

The Adventures of Rocky and Goldie

The Adventures of Rocky and Goldie
is a concept for an animated kids TV-series created for my Character Design class. Based on a raccoon and a waffle, Rocky and Goldie’s designs reflect as anthropomorphosized versions of the two, respectively.

Rocky is quite the rascal, who loves to skateboard and dumpster dive. Goldie on the other hand, is a happy-go-lucky teenage girl who is optimistic and loves to journal. One day, Goldie loses her journal because her mother accidentally puts it in a pile of old books to be recycled. Unable to find her journal in her bin at home, Goldie goes on a hunt around their town, Dewydale. While entering town dump territory, Goldie meets the infamous masked bandit, Rocky, who helps her try to retrieve her precious journal back.

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